Understanding Impact Protection Glove

22 / 06 / 2017

Understanding Impact Protection Glove

What is an impact protection glove?
When conducting many manual tasks there are risks of injury to the hands from impact. Impact protection gloves are specifically designed to give you improved protection out-performing your regular work gloves when doing a heavy duty job. At Granberg we have a complete range of impact protection to meet your specific job requirements. By choosing the right glove you will not only be protected from impact but from cut, abrasion and puncture injuries. Granberg Impact Protecion Gloves also protect you from chemical and oil mud.

Why do I need an impact protection glove?
Protecting your hands means that you can get on with your job safely without worrying too much about the risk to your hands.

When should I use this type of glove?
Impact injuries, particularly to the back of the hands are common in heavy industrial work places like oil and gas extraction and exploration, shipping, fishing, mining and quarrying. Other workplaces also present significant risks of impact injury including confined space working where your hands are exposed to hazards to both the palm and the back of the hand as you work.

How do I choose the right glove?
Our range of impact gloves includes models designed for specific environments such as cold weather and wet working conditions. Please contact us if you’re wondering what type of glove you need, or check our website where you can review the standards and approvals for the whole range.


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