Our Responsibility

At Granberg AS we strive to make environmental responsibility and ethical trading the hallmarks of our company. A clear stand and good partners in these areas are very important to us.


It is not enough to use nice words; you must have sustainability rooted throughout the company culture and business operations. Granberg is a certified company according to the quality and environmental standards ISO9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. This involves targeted work to meet the requirements and expectations of the authorities, our market, and our other stakeholders.

ISO14001 ISO9001


Our Responsibility

Granberg AS is committed to pushing for health and safety, environmental initiatives, ethical trading, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to be the hallmark of our company. We take this responsibility seriously and we believe that it is not only important today but is crucial for a sustainable future. Together with our employees, customers, and partners, we are continually striving our efforts to reach our sustainability goals.

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Sustainability Report for 2021.

Report unethical behaviour

If you see something that concerns you - this is a safe place to report it.

If you have experienced or suspect unethical activity in our supply chain or that Granberg's guidelines are not being followed, you can report this safely and anonymously to us by using our reporting form for unethical practices.

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Grønt Punkt

Grønt Punkt

Granberg AS wants to make sure our products come in eco-friendly packaging. As a member of Grønt Punkt Norge AS ("Green Dot Norway plc"), we support programs for recycling used packaging. 

Grønt Punkt Norge is responsible for financing and operating programs for the recovery and recycling of most types of packaging. 

Grønt Punkt Norge offers a "comprehensive solution" for the future through recycling, and Granberg AS is of course a member.