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Revolutionary. The human hand. It's a wonder of nature. A tool that brings vision, passion and creativity to life. For hands that support, hands that soothe, and hands that are special; all are protected by our brands.


Genuine. Our very own brand. Developed through years of experience and still making history. A wide selection of gloves for the job at hand. An ever-evolving brand, from regular protection to the latest innovations in fabrics and materials.

Glove Clip, Pinch Clasp
Glove Clip, Belt Clasp
Food approved Reusable Gloves
Polyurethane Coating Assembly Gloves
Touchscreen Compatible Assembly Gloves


EX® for EXemplary. EX® high-performance protective gloves are easily recognisable due to the Hi-Viz green colour added for extra visibility, manufactured using the latest technologies and innovative materials, reflecting our high standards for design and safety. Choose between goatskin, MicroSkin Shield® or MacroSkin Pro® materials and enjoy the durability, optimum grip, breathability, flexibility, and enhanced comfort. EX® is an EXcellent choice!

Touchscreen Compatible Assembly  gloves EX<sup>®</sup>
Touchscreen Compatible Assembly Winter gloves EX<sup>®</sup>
MicroSkin Shield® with Spandex® Back and Velcro Closure, Unlined Assembly Gloves EX®
MicroSkin Shield® with Spandex Back and Velcro Closure, Unlined Assembly Winter Gloves EX®
Touchscreen Compatible Assembly Gloves EX<sup>®</sup>


Organic. Bamboo®, a gift from nature adapted to protect even the most sensitive skin. Softer than cotton, this glove lives and breathes inspiration in the workplace. A pleasure to touch and a joy to wear. The eco-friendly Bamboo is a natural winner.

Latex Foam Coating, Liner Made of Bamboo® Fibre Assembly Gloves
Gardening Gloves
Made of Bamboo Fibre Children’s Eczema Gloves Bamboo®
Made of Bamboo Viscose Fibre Eczema Gloves Bamboo®


Harmony. Hand and glove in perfect chemistry. Let your hand be the star and let Chemstar® support it. Chemstar® is the best choice for protection against chemical agents. For no risk, no exposure and no chance for chemical endangerment; remember Chemstar®. Available both as single-use and reusable gloves.

Cotton Interlock Lined Vinyl/PVC Chemical Resistant Gloves Chemstar
Removable Acrylic Flannel Liner Vinyl/PVC Chemical Resistant Winter Gloves Chemstar
Seamless Nylon Liner Vinyl/PVC Chemical Resistant Gloves
Cotton Flock Lined Latex Gloves
Latex Chemical Resistant Gloves Chemstar<sup>®</sup>


Shield. Do your hands work in harsh settings? Is your job a dangerous and risky operation? Protector® provides extreme durability and the best cut resistance in its class. With these gloves on, you are safe even in the toughest of conditions. In a rough environment, you don’t need heavy armour gauntlets, the job will get done safely with Protector®.

Mixed Fibres and Polyurethane Coating Cut Resistant Gloves Protector
Cut Resistant Inner Gloves Protector
Cut Resistant Warm Inner Gloves Protector
Assembly Gloves with Cut Protection
Typhoon® Fibre with Polyurethane Coating Cut Resistant Gloves Protector®

Magic Touch®

Enchanting. The glove that's soft, sensitive, and smooth as silk. It makes every detail come alive. Magic Touch® comes in thin powder-free nitrile for that extra sensitive touch. A wide range of features helps you find just the right glove. When you need magic through your fingertips; its an easy choice, it's Magic Touch®!

Single-use Gloves Magic Touch<sup>®</sup>
Soft Nitrile™, Powder Free, Accelerators Free, Indigo Colour, 29.5 cm Length Single-Use Gloves Magic Touch®
Single-use Gloves Magic Touch<sup>®</sup>
Soft Nitrile™, Powder Free, White Colour Single-Use Gloves Magic Touch®
Soft Nitrile™, Powder Free, Accelerators Free, Indigo Colour Single-Use Gloves Magic Touch®

Black Diamond

Resilient. Brute force, fine craftsmanship, authenticity and integrity, that is our Black Diamond. Thanks to its liquid-repellent coating, our Black Diamond fights off water and oils with ease. Work hard, protect harder with Black Diamond.

Special Vinyl/PVC Foam Coating Assembly Gloves Black Diamond
Special Vinyl/PVC Foam Coating Assembly Winter Gloves Black Diamond


Embrace. Powerfit® provides a superb grip, tactile sensitivity, comfort and protection for a true multi-tasker. Highly durable and resistant, and yet still remains friendly to your skin and the environment. Get a grip on the situation with Powerfit®.


Kozane® is an innovative high-tech material with greater cut, abrasion and slash resistance than any other textile or fabric in its class. Yet it is soft and flexible enough to make into protective clothing that won´t make you feel like you´re wearing a suit of armour.

Kozane® Soft Armour Textile

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