and cut-resistant fabrics

The Kozane® range of high-performance fabrics was created by Granberg’s R&D team to offer the right protection through customer proximity, responsiveness, knowledge, and technological innovation. 

Mental Health & Special Education

Our advanced tear and puncture-resistant fabric, Kozane® Invicta, was designed for tear-resistant garments for vulnerable patients and prisoners where traditional clothing and bedding may increase the risk of self-harm. Its high puncture resistance makes it ideal for manufacturing bite and scratch-resistant protective garments for special education and mental health workers who deal with service users and patients exhibiting challenging behaviour.

Kozane® Strongwear is a range of anti-ligature, tear-resistant garments and bedding made exclusively from our Kozane® Invicta fabric for seclusion situations. Fully tear-resistant – seams included (the stitching has reinforced seams with high strength thread, increasing tensile and tear resistance), provides comfort and, most importantly, minimises the risk of self-harm. Created in partnership with the violence reduction team from a major NHS mental health hospital, it was trialled and tested in their seclusion unit.

Sports & Leisure

Kozane® high-performance fabrics can be used for sporting activities, including ice hockey, speed skating, motorcycling, speed boating, or horse riding. Other applications include durable footwear and apparel (high wear and tear, resistant to abrasion and puncture) and anti-theft bags and luggage.

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