For some people, staying safe means staying out of harm’s way. But some understand that if there is to be a comfort zone, a safe zone, someone must have the courage to explore the wild, and perhaps even the dangerous. To roll up their sleeves, and get the job done. 
They are the doers of the world. And just like them, doing is in our DNA. It runs in our Norwegian bloodline. Since 1961, we have been helping our fellow doers perform fearlessly by providing first-class hand protection for various industries. 

Our Values.

  • Honesty 
    We are proud of who we are and the products we produce. Our confidence allows us to be open and transparent in all our decisions. This is how we gain trust from our customers, and manage to create healthy, long-lasting relationships. 

  • Passion
    At Granberg, we are truly passionate about what we do: helping people feel safe. This is our driving force that keep us up to date, motivating us to always learn more and keep developing. 

  • Courage
    At Granberg, we would rather try and fail, than risk becoming stagnant. With a courageous mindset we are not afraid to explore uncharted ways to find new, better solutions that lead the industry forward. 

  • Expertise 
    With more than 60 active years in the industry, we collectively have the expertise needed to always deliver high-quality productsdeveloped to perform optimally in every situation. 

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